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Body Wraps For Weight Loss

Body Wraps For Weight Loss

Body wraps consisted of wrapping the body with a plastic wrap or an Ace bandage when they first hit the spa scene. As a result of vasodilatation, quick weight loss was the result. Those who had these wraps performed boasted dropping up to two dress sizes. This weight loss occurred after only one treatment but was not permanent.

It was temporary water weight that was shed out of the body as a result of sweat during the session. The weight returned once the body had the opportunity to regulate water balance, which typically takes about a week. There are negative side effects to this treatment. It can result in serious dehydration, which can be dangerous.

Although not as common today, these wraps can still be found in some spas. While not as effective for weight loss as fitness exercises, if you have a special occasion coming up and don’t have time to drop the weight needed to squeeze into that slim-fitting dress, one of these wraps can help you accomplish your goal. However, if you do undertake a weight loss body wrap, be certain to stay hydrated by consuming enough water following the treatment.

Body wraps do not need to be undertaken with the goal of weight loss in mind. This should be left to regular fitness training. They can also be effective detoxification treatments, the more common type of wrap today. Wraps that incorporate the use of seaweed, algae, mud or clay can be used to create a relaxing session that will leave you feeling energized and revitalized. By using these substances, your body will be encouraged to release toxins via metabolic stimulation.

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As part of the treatment, some spas follow the wrap with a shea butter moisturizer. To start, you would be asked to lie down on top of the materials that will be used to wrap you (typically consisting of mylar, plastic, towels or sheets). Before the professional who is administering the treatment spreads the mud or seaweed on your body, you may be exfoliated with a salt scrub or dry brushing techniques.

If the treatment is done by a massage therapist, they might incorporate techniques of massage into your session. If the treatment is performed by an esthetician, massage will not be included. As you schedule your treatment session, be sure that you are aware of who will be administering the wrap to be certain that it will be the type of treatment that you desire.

The spa treatment room where the session will occur is typically outfitted with a wet table, shower or Vichy shower. This will make it easy to rinse off the residue after the wrap is removed. The total treatment time ranges between 30-60 minutes depending on which services are included in your session.

Keep in mind when considering a seaweed body wrap treatment that it is quite confining. If you are someone who is not comfortable in close quarters or tightly wrapped, you may not enjoy this type of therapy. However, if you are comfortable with the nature of the session and what it entails, a wonderfully enjoyable experience awaits you.

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